Responsive. Flexible. Minimal

WooCommerce eCommerce theme developed by the Tfingi team. The theme is built with bootstrap front-end framework.

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 Sixteen skins

The theme comes with┬á16 preset colour schemes┬áto choose from –┬áOr maybe you wish to create your own?

360+ icons

A gorgeous collection of retina-ready icons for sharp display on mobile devices with six different sizes.

Social media

Built-in social media tools allowing your customers to engage with your products and share them with ease.


The team at Tfingi has packed La┬áBoutique with beautiful typography ÔÇô including block quotes.


A dedicated team provides timely and effective support whenever you need a hand getting things right –┬ájust shout!


Mobile first! La Boutique is designed for an optimum user experience on mobile devices leading to higher conversions.

Product reviews

Built-in comments for your customers to tell the world why they love your products!

Instant search

Time is money, right? Provide your customers with live search results as they type their query.

Guest checkout

Some customers sign-in, some create an account on your webstore… while others like to┬ácheck-out as guests.

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